Active Internal Resistance (AIR) BAR

Active Internal Resistance (AIR) BAR

The AIR BAR is made of a solid wood and comes apart in the middle with one large screw like a pool stick.

AIR BARS are 4ft when fully assembled and fit into a handy carry case at 2ft perfect for a tote or Yoga bag when separated.

AIR BAR is designed to provide: Mobility, Stability, Balance + Deep Core Connection to your workout so you always feel: safe, supported and stimulated when you move your body.

The added creativity and support of AIR BAR FIT Classes keeps you motivated while the AIR BAR helps you work your body from the inside out to avoid injuries and help you continue progressing in your fitness goals for a lifetime of: Strength, Balance + Coordination.


After your purchase your AIR BAR you'll receive an email confirmation automatically with instructions on how to enter your shipping address along with our email + phone support contact... just in case you want a little extra help - we're here for you.

Shipping is included for lower 48 USA clients at NO ADDED CHARGE so you're all paid up.

If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, we may contact you if a little extra shipping is needed.

Once we receive your shipping address via email (just click the clearly marked link in your confirmation email) we'll pop your AIR BAR in the mail and connect with you so you know when to expect your AIR BAR to the shipping address provided.

We ship UPS and it usually takes about 3-5 days.

NEXT: Go to and sign up for your 14 day free trial.

We recommend getting started right away by clicking into the BREATHWORK Studio and starting with the 7 Class SPINAL CHAKRA ACTIVATION course so you're ready to rock AIR BAR FIT Classes as soon as your AIR BAR arrives in the mail.

Are you ready?

Here we grow together.

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Active Internal Resistance (AIR) BAR

    Online Personal Training + Streaming AIR Bar™ Fitness Classes.

    Active Internal Resistance Training for ninja life skills.


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