Titles Available for Purchase

  • Hidden Beach Adventures

    5 videos  |   Rent $17   |   Buy $39

    South Cali's best hidden beaches + 5 unique class styles.

    Harness the transformative power of nature from your home.

  • Spinal Chakra Activation

    7 videos  |   Rent $33   |   Buy $66

    Everything in our world is Energy.

    If you want to change your body, and maintain that transformation over time- you need to begin at an energetic level.

    As a Women's Trainer for 20 years, I've watched several epic transformations fade when clients couldn't maintain their results over time.


  • Become An Energy Worker - Recreate Yourself

    16 videos  |   Buy $1,333

    Ever met a woman who loves burpees, pushups and lunges?

    Yeah, me either - and I've been a Women's Trainer for 20 years.

    The reason working out isn't fun and results aren't lasting is that you're only focusing on your physical body... and that friend, is a small piece of the transformation puzz...