Reshape your body from the inside out with ACTIVE, INTERNAL RESISTANCE Training + the AIR BAR.

  • Reset | Deep Core Detox 1

    A supported, Deep Core activation + Breathwork and a nice stretch.

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  • Unilateral Upper Body Agility

    Activate your super powers with this 20 minute high intensity, low impact martial arts sequence.


    Recalibrate your balance and deep core connection with this 20 minute, lower body, deep booty burn, AIR BAR assisted class.

  • Pivot + Reverse Elbow

    This class is 20 minutes + just two fierce moves… and that’s it!

    But, even though this class is super simple, it’s not easy.

    That’s because I’m going to teach you how to activate the deep core lines of your body which takes both your brain + body working together at the same time… some people c...

  • Pivot + Shin Block 1

  • Standing + Grounded Core Activation

    Grab a mat + your AIR BAR for this 30 minute creative, supported, full body deep core class.

    You’ve never felt your abs like this! Use the AIR BAR to travel into the deepest parts of your body and awaken sleeping muscles.

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  • ARMS - Tight + Toned

    Beginner hack: take the AIR BAR apart and use the side that has the AIR BAR FIT logo.

    Instability training creates a powerful deep core connection. So you’re not just working your superficial arms muscles… you’re activating your entire kinetic chain!

    Pair instability training with unilateral (...

  • Legs + Glutes + Balance Sculpt

    Sculpt and strengthen your low body with this balance class. Work to improve cognition and brain health while sculpting a seriously sexy backside.

  • Sculpt | AIR

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  • Low Body Love Story

    Discover a new plane of motion and watch your results go through the roof!

    Keep your body guessing with this powerfully unique combination of low body sculpting, somatic stress release and breathwork meditation.

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  • Unilateral Low Body Burn

    Uni - One, Lateral - Side.

    This class takes you into the frontal plane of motion and challenges your side body, balance and deep core connection.

    We can't even help looking like long, lean dancers with this routine.

    Feel good, move better, live strong.

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  • Energy Magick | Mystery School

    Welcome dear soul,

    It's time to drop into class and experience the sensations.

    Details Here:

    Breathe, sculpt, strengthen, stretch and sweat as you redefine your Human Nature.

    Leave your comments below so we know how this 39 minute journey get for you!

  • Shakti Ignite

    Activate your divine femme energy and clear residual energy from past negative social interactions.

    Buckle up cause I'm taking you on a wild ride through your sacred femme energy located at your naval point.

    Drop your comments below and let me know how this one felt for you!

  • Rise + Release

    Magic, synchronicity and the power of your fitness practice.

    Experience and energetic shift in 20 minutes with this combination workout + release.


  • Live Class: Hip Mobility Magic

    Get the live class vibes in this full length AIR BAR FIT class from Selina Hotel on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

  • Deep Core Fire

    Once you feel the burn, you never go back.

    Fire up your central stability system and never feel helpless in your body again.

  • Live class at Selina Tulum

    Martial Arts + Primal Dance + Breathwork

    Let's grow! Rock this live class with me at Selina Hotel on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

  • Primal Alignment

  • Beautiful Back

    Join me for a fast bodyweight flow designed to help align your posture and strengthen your back!

  • Hip Articulation 1

  • Shakti Alignment - Live Class

    Feel the live class heart activation experience.

    How did this full live class feel for you? Let me know in the comments!

  • Hip Mobility FINAL

  • Micro Moves Stability

  • Shakti Ignite 2022 @ Blue Osa