Maintain your results with quick classes you take with you on the fly.

Consistency is the key to sustainable evolution.

Now it's simple to keep being awesome anytime, anywhere... on your own terms.

  • Booty, Balance + Cardio

    Work one side at a time to create booty balance. I’m taking you on a journey through the three muscles that make up your glutes. Get ready to sweat, chant, breathe and let go of anything standing in the way of your greatness!

    Leave your comments below. ⬇️

  • Recreate | Deep Core Detox 4

    Put your skills from classes 1-3 into action. It’s time to recreate yourself!

    Leave me a comment below and let me know how it feels for you!

  • Release | Deep Core Detox 3

    Let’s go!

    30 minutes of body rocking - soul stirring fit fun.

    It’s not a workout - it’s a full body prayer.

    See you on the mat.

    Let me know how it felt for you below in the comments.

    Hugs and high fives.

  • Rebuild | Deep Core Detox 2

    Twist, shout and let it OUT!

    A deep core detox and powerful 25 minute sweat session that takes you from micro moves into full out release and then brings you home with breath.

    Leave your comments below- see you on the mat.

  • Full Moon Somatic Stress Release

    I made a new choice on a familiar lesson,

    Which only took me 4 years + 4 previous attempts in 2022 alone but,

    This ninja is ready.

    Because in facing my deepest fears around abandonment and disapproval from the group…

    I finally set my heart free, fully - for the first time since I was a kid.


  • Deep Core 1


  • Frequency Shift


  • Fat Burning Cardio Circuit | 90-60-30

    Burn fat, build strength... feel like your strongest and most capable self!

    The famous 90-60-30 circuit from the incredible Ahau Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.

  • Fight + Flow - El Cuyo, Yucatan

    Find a somatic stress release from all that weighs you down.

    Use the power of your mind + breath + movement to shift your energy and create new outcomes in your life.

    Join us on a transformation adventure: JAN 7-13, 2023 in a wild, sacred beach town just north of Cancun, El Cuyo - called “Mexi...

  • Quick Basic AIR BAR FIT Choreography

    Consistency is magick - get in, get out, get on with living.

  • Laguna Beach Kick Series

    Front Kicks
    Side Kicks
    Back Kicks
    AIR BAR Supported, Plyometric Cardio Squats

  • New Year Sweat

    Join me at Selina Hotel in Tulum, Mexico for a New Year day sweat fest!

  • Heart Activation: Live Class

    Shot by @carlyarnwine at Selina Hotel in Tulum Mexico.

    Drop your comments below, how did this format feel for you?

  • Stop, Drop + Dance 2

    Your 10 minute at home dance break!

  • Cardio w a Twist

    Let's sweat!

    Try this unique cardio class using the AIR BAR for mobility, stability, balance and deep core connection.

  • Core Balance Workshop 1

    Kiya Knight hosts her first AIR Bar™ Workshop in Phoenix, AZ and it sells out!

  • Fight For Your Fit 1


  • Cardio BAR

    An AIR BAR assisted cardio class you can rock anytime, anywhere... on your own terms.

  • Primal Power | Bodyweight Cardio

    Natural movements to help you master your own body mechanics.

    20 minutes of heart pounding cardio sculpt with nothing the weight of your own body - you got this!

  • Shakti Shred

    Build strength, burn excess fat and strengthen your body... all in one class.

    The AIR BAR provides the support you need to activate your deep core with precision. So you can shape, burn and build strength in just 20 minutes!

    I love things that are efficient.

  • Cardio Circuit | 90-60-30

    No equipment need! All you need is the weight of your own body and your imagination.

    Rocking this 90-60-30 cardio circuit at Ahau Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.

  • AIR BAR FIT Class @baxar Hotel

    Live class shot during the 2019 Trainer Event and Digital Nomad Mentorship in Acapulco Mexico @baxar.

  • Release - Somatic Rest

    Grab your AIR BAR! Reset your energy and your perspective with this 30 minute FIGHT to FLOW class.

    Leave your comments below so I know where we're growing next!

    Good job warriors of light. Keep going.

    Kiya K.

  • Quick Bodyweight Flow

    Work with stuck e-motion - or energy in motion.

    Set your body + mind free.