Evan has an impressive career spanning 16 years at a top executive and celebrity level, starting out as a principal dancer for Vissi Dance Theater (NYC) for 8 years, performing Modern, House, Contemporary, and African works all over New York City and Internationally.

In 2007 she became a Pilates Instructor licensed to train students on all pilates equipment.

From 2009 - 2018 Evan worked as a Master Trainer with the Tracy Anderson Method.

Her work has taken her all over the world training some of the most influential people including; Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow, JLO, Robert Downey Jr., Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, Rose McGowan, & Olivia Wilde, which lead her to being cast in HBO's critically acclaimed GIRLS and can be seen on the Season Premiere for the final season.

After a near decade in dance fitness, Evan traveled to Bali to receive her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.

While there, she landed the position of Executive Director of Global Talent & Training for P.volve.

In 2 years she successfully scaled the method and training program to prepare the company to move to flagship studios in NYC, Chicago, and LA.

In 2021, while pregnant with her daughter, she received her 85hr Prenatal YTT and successfully launched (h)evanleebodies Prenatal Project.

The on-demand Prenatal movement program is designed to safely strengthen the expectant Mama for the body changes experienced in Pregnancy, and is safe for all trimesters.

After 16 years in New York, Evan was called to Tulum Mexico, working at Holistika Wellness Center and was looking to leverage her experience and deliver a high caliber of fitness to the growing Tulum metropolis.

It was in Tulum that she began aligning her movement practice with the moon cycles and is where Moon + Moves was born. as well as where Evan intersected with AIR BAR FIT.

  • Moon & Moves | Aries

    Moon & Moves | ARIES

    Moon & Moves is a class series designed by Evan Lee Breed.

    Tune into the natural world and harness the power of the moon as it moves through its cycles.

    Aries is the warrior so if you want to feel in rhythm with the energies of nature, you’re going to have to fight for you...

  • Interview w/ Celebrity Trainer, Evan Lee Breed - NYC

    Evan Lee Breed is a dancer, a mama and a dreamer who has never given up and we couldn't stop noticing.

    Check out Evan's new COURSE for Prenatal Bodies or any body coming to or starting a movement practice for the first time.


    It can be scary...

  • AIR BAR - Grounded Flow

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  • Deep Core Thighs - Welcome

    Evan's at home secrets to a dancers body - Have FUN!

    Get the support you crave to move the way you really want.

    Deep core supported, full body moves to get you into your divine dancers body fast.

    Grab your AIR BAR and join Evan Lee Breed for floor play to activate your deep core + lower bod...

  • Beginner Abs

    Join Evan Lee Breed on a beginners journey to your deep core in this quick and simple... but not so easy class.

  • Postnatal Core 1

    Even Lee Breed takes you on a quick, powerful journey deep into your core body to address the needs of a post pregnancy body or anyone looking to rebuild strength from the inside out.

  • Heavenly Bodies-Prenatal Project w/ Evan Lee Breed

    Evan Lee Breed's signature program is perfect if you are embarking on the journey of pregnancy, recovering or just want expert support in building + maintaining Deep Core Strength so you're ready for anything.

    Available now:


    Evan is a world c...

  • AIR Glutes

    This 22 minute Glute focused workout will activate + tone your entire body w/ celebrity trainer Evan Lee Breed.

    It's done mostly standing with an emphasis on using the lats (those big muscles in your back) for support + abdominals to work balance + stability as the Glutes are toned + lifted......

  • AIR Arms

    Grab a Yoga Mat + split AIR Bar for this 11 minute arm focused workout.

    This 11 minute Arm focused workout will be performed with a split AIR Bar + standing.

    The upper body will be activated working the muscles of the upper body - the deltoids, biceps, triceps, pecs, rhomboids, lats + muscles...

  • AIR Core

    Use the AIR Bar - Active Internal Resistance to stabilize and guide your deep core moves.

    Work on Mobility, Stability, Balance and Connection as you sculpt and shape your body from the inside out.

    Evan's techniques are so powerfully effective you'll feel and see a difference after just one shor...