Spinal Chakra Activation

Spinal Chakra Activation

Everything in our world is Energy.

If you want to change your body, and maintain that transformation over time- you need to begin at an energetic level.

As a Women's Trainer for 20 years, I've watched several epic transformations fade when clients couldn't maintain their results over time.

The pressures of life, stress, pregnancy, marriage and career... can sabotage your best intentions if you don't maintain a consistent, daily Energy Work Practice.

I created the Spinal Chakra Activation Mini Course to give you simple, actionable QUICK daily rituals to work with your unique Energy Blueprint to create a radiant, magnetic energy field + unshakable inner strength.

To maximize the quality + efficiency of each workout moving forward.

This 7 class series sets a solid foundation for lasting results by working directly with your 7 Spinal Chakras or "Energy Centers" located along your spine in your physical body.

Learn what energy is housed in each Spinal Chakra + how trauma can cause energetic blocks that subconsciously sabotage your best efforts to live Healthy, Wealthy, Happy + Free.

Energy Work is a skill I've been teaching clients for decades to astounding results.

Each short class includes a 3 minute Breathwork Meditation to clear energetic blocks and set you free to live your best + biggest life.

Class 1: ROOT CHAKRA - Who am I? Blocks caused by lack of safety + support.

Class 2: SACRAL CHAKRA - Who am I in relationships? Attract high vibe relationships and supportive, conscious partnerships as you work 3 minutes at a time to clear out past negative social interactions.

Class 3: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Unlock your Personal Power to feel how easily you get what you want + need.

Class 4: HEART CHAKRA: Pump up your compassion for self + others as you heal heartbreaks + learn how to discern which connections will honor your sacred wild heart.

Class 5: THROAT CHAKRA: How safe do you feel to speak your authentic truth? When you compromise your own integrity to make people feel more comfortable, you have to negotiate your life from a place of manipulation instead of authentic full self expression. Full authentic self expression is a key to living fully ALIVE.

Class 6: 3rd EYE CHAKRA: Clear energetic blocks around the pineal gland in your brain. Helping you "see" through B.S. to the truth about the nature of this reality, which is a direct reflection of your own human nature.

Class 7: CROWN CHAKRA: Working with the Energy in your 7th Chakra directly connects you to your own higher wisdom + deep inner knowing referred to commonly as INTUITION.

Let's go on a little journey of personal transformation together and celebrate your new superpowers.

Learn about your energy centers + how to work with your energy system in 3 minutes/day to rejuvenate your energy body with Breathwork.

It's time to recreate yourself... again.

Spinal Chakra Activation
  • Root Chakra (1)

    Do you feel safe to be fully, authentically self expressed in your life? Work with the energy in your Root Chakra to clear trauma and toxic energy blocks around feeling safe in your body. When you know yourself, you can trust yourself above all else. Root down to rise UP and create a whole new se...

  • Sacral Chakra (2)

    How are your relationships going? Want to call in high vibe humans like you who treat you with dignity + respect? 3 minutes a day can clear energy blocks in the 2nd chakra and help you attract a new crew.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (3)

    Your Sacral Chakra (Energy Center) vibrates to the frequency of YELLOW and is located at your Solar Plexus right below your ribs. How easily do you get what you want + need in life? Now you can take command of your energy and get what you really deserve.

  • Heart Chakra (4)

    Blocks in the Heart Chakra can feel painful and confusing. Work with the energy of compassion and forgiveness for 3 minutes a day and unlock your ultimate potential to experience that BIG unsayable love you deserve.

  • Throat Chakra (5)

    Blocks in throat chakra happen when we deny our own truth to make others feel safe + comfortable. Over time these energy blocks result in physical dis-ease like thyroid issues. You can work directly with your throat chakra energy in as little as 3 minutes to clear out past traumas + find the stre...

  • 3rd Eye Chakra (6)

    The 3rd Eye Chakra gets blocked by denying what we are really seeing in the world around us. Activate the energy of your 6th chakra and get clear about what you see + what you believe. Remember, the nature of reality on Planet Earth is a direct reflection of your Human Nature. When you know yours...

  • Crown Chakra (7)

    When you work to remove energy blocks in the lower 6 chakras, you can easily connect with your higher wisdom and a deep, unshakable inner knowing. Connect with your celestial team and cosmic guides so you never feel lost + alone again. Time to adjust your own crown Queen.