Heavenly Bodies - Prenatal Project

Heavenly Bodies - Prenatal Project

Take a transformational journey with celebrity trainer Evan Lee Breed as she prepares to give birth and then recovers.

Heavenly Bodies - Prenatal Project
  • Interview w/ Celebrity Trainer, Evan Lee Breed - NYC

    Evan Lee Breed is a dancer, a mama and a dreamer who has never given up and we couldn't stop noticing.

    Check out Evan's new COURSE for Prenatal Bodies or any body coming to or starting a movement practice for the first time.


    It can be scary...

  • Prenatal Seated Stretch

    A seated stretch with grounded moves with the creativity you need to keep your body + mind engaged.

    Leave your comments below in the group section and connect with others on a similar journey.

    Love you Mamas.

  • Prenatal Floorplay

    When your body leads and your mind follows, you can turn obstacles into opportunities and transform your challenges into miracles.

  • Prenatal Functional Mat

    Protect your body now and prepare to be a Mama getting up and down plus seeing the world from a whole new level - again.

    We love this creative full body sequencing and can't wait to hear what you think as well.

    You can drop your comments below to share with Evan.

  • Prenatal Cardio Chair

    Chair + Energy + Pregnant Evan Lee Breed = a whole lotta love.

    Tell us what you love about Evan below in the comments section.

  • Prenatal Arms

    Join Evan on a well sequenced journey through your upper body and deep core.

    This magically crafted class with have you feeling stronger, more capable and ready for whatever life throws at you next.

  • Prenatal Weighted Arms

    Getting ready to embrace with both arms the road to being a Mama.

    Evan makes it fun, fierce and funny as always.

  • Prenatal Standing Chair

  • Prenatal Yoga Ball

  • Prenatal Drop and Engage

  • Prenatal Sidelying Legs

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