Re discover yourself w/ self paced, online courses with Exercise Scientist and Energy Worker Kiya Knight.

Do you feel like there's more to this life on Earth than work, eat, sleep, repeat?

Yeah, me too.

That's why I created a Mystery School to take you deep into the hidden helms of your inner world.

Unlock your unique energetic blueprint and take command of your life with ancient indigenous wisdom.

Packaged in a modern formula for everyday living.

Curious what lyes beyond what society teaches us in school and at the gym?

Let me show you how to activate your Magick and Recreate Yourself on your own terms, anywhere in the world you wish within wifi signal.

Let the Hero's Journey begin.

Please let me know how I can be of service on your journey of epic transformation.

  • Hidden Beach Adventures Trailer

    Breathwork Meditation
    HIIT Training
    AIR BAR Quickie

  • Become An Energy Worker

    Ever met a woman who loves doing burpees, pushups and lunges?

    Yeah, me either - and I've been a Personal Trainer + Exercise Scientist globally for 20 years.

    The reason working out isn't fun and results aren't sustainable is that you're only focusing on your physical body... and that my friend,...

  • Spinal Chakra Activation Mini Course (TRAILER)

    Let's skip the talking and move straight to BREATHWORK.

    Activate your energy body (Nervous System) using Breath and move through + beyond painful memories/experiences and negative social interactions.

    So you have the skills/tools you need to naturally and safely, feel better fast.

    Align your e...