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Quick Bodyweight Flow

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Quick Basic Choreography

NEW CLASSES • 4m 32s


  • Quick Bodyweight Flow

    Work with stuck e-motion - or energy in motion.

    Set your body + mind free.

  • Creative Energy Activation | Breath o...

    Turn on your creativity + magnetism with this 16 minute guided Breathwork journey through your Sacral Chakra or energy center.

    Located two inches below the belly button and two inches back.

    This energy fuels your passion and creativity.

    This is also how you cultivate a beautiful, powerful, ...

  • Ego Check

    This is the quickest way to get into your body, or embodied.

    When you can tune in and hear the signals your body is giving, it's easier to trust what you feel instead of what you think.

    That "gut feeling" is your intuition or higher knowing, trying to lead you forward on your most powerful, pos...