Get a quick look at each of the class styles to see what fits your mood + goals.

  • Booty + Legs + Balance Sculpt

    Legs + Glutes + Balance Sculpt
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    Sculpt and strengthen your low body with this balance class. Work to improve cognition and brain health while sculpting a seriously sexy backside.

  • Activate Your Core

    A standing + grounded core & abdominal workout that feels strong and supported w/ AIR BAR.

    Let’s do this!

  • Low Body Love Story TRAILER

    Grab your AIR BAR and get ready to rock this low impact, high intensity low body love story that will remind you who you really are.

    In 30 minutes experience: STRENGTH, SOMATIC RELEASE, BREATHWORK and a new way to STRETCH using the AIR BAR to...

  • Sunrise Activated Light Codes

    Experience the power of sunrise lightcodes:

  • Sculpted By AIR


    AIR BAR FIT embodies the core mission:

    Provide the support Women crave to experience intuitive, primal movement.

    It’s not about how you look- it’s bout how you feeeeel.

    Sexy’s not a size - it’s a sensation.

    Come get it.

    The ...


    Check out the full class here:

  • Kiya Knight: Founder Interview

    Answer the calling - The Club, AIR BAR FIT.

  • Interview w/ Celebrity Trainer, Evan Lee Breed - NYC

    Evan Lee Breed is a dancer, a mama and a dreamer who has never given up and we couldn't stop noticing.

    Check out Evan's new COURSE for Prenatal Bodies or any body coming to or starting a movement practice for the first time.

    It can be scary...

  • Moon & Moves ARIES | Trailer

    The moon in ARIES means it's warrior time babe.

    Ready to fight for yourself this Spring Season?

    Click through for more...

  • Unilateral Low Body Trailer

    Deep core activation and recalibration of the right MX left sides of your body.

  • Postnatal Cardio - Trailer

    Evan Lee Breed’s signature style with the support of the AIR BAR make this your new soulmate workout.

  • AIR BAR - Grounded Flow Trailer

    Experience the magick of celebrity trainer + fitness choreographer, Evan Lee Breed.

    Simple, unique movement sequences supported by the Active Internal Resistance (AIR) BAR.

  • Basic | Choreography 101

    Check out the full class:

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  • Energy Worker - Online Course + Mentorship with Kiya Knight

    Start Now, Where you are - Work w/ what you got.

    Ever met a woman who loves doing burpees, pushups and lunges?

    Yeah, me either - and I've been a Personal Trainer + Exercise Scientist globally for 20 years.

    The reason working out isn't fun and result...


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  • Dynamic Mobility WARM UP - TRAILER

    Get a quick look at this Dynamic Mobility routine - connect with your joints and build foundational stability so you always feel safe.

    Follow the link to the full class:

    Discipline is how we create deep, soul level happiness.

    You may ...

  • Spinal Chakra Activation Mini Course (TRAILER)

    Let's skip the talking and move straight to BREATHWORK.

    Activate your energy body (Nervous System) using Breath and move through + beyond painful memories/experiences and negative social interactions.

    So you have the skills/tools you need to naturally and safely, feel better fast.

    Align your e...

  • Rising Up - Shakti Ignite

    Awaken The Fire Within.

    I spent 5 months in a remote part of Mexico after my home in Malibu, California burned and I lost everything.

    What I gained was a powerful new perspective and some unexpected new friends.

  • Unilateral Upper Body Agility - Trailer

    Take the AIR Bar apart to discover another layer to your super powers as a human being.

    Unilateral Upper Body Agility

    In today’s quickly changing environment, you need specific adaptation to be able to change direction quickly… wi...

  • The AIR BAR FIT Experience

    The AIR BAR CLUB online membership bring the action and adventure to you.

    Start now, where you are and work with what you got.

  • Libra Full Moon Somatic Release

    Balance negative and positive energy to find a powerful flow in your body and in your life.

    Let your mind go and your body will follow.

    Release the people, places and events that no longer serve you on a physical + soul level.

  • Hidden Beach Adventures Trailer

    Breathwork Meditation
    HIIT Training
    AIR BAR Quickie

  • Palos Verdes Primal Moves Trailer

    Tap into your bodies own innate needs and desires.

    Surrender and allow kundalini shakti to awaken and flow through you.

    All you have to do is get out of your own way.

    And allow yourself to be moved.

  • Laguna Beach Kick Series Trailer

    The hidden beach adventures continue in Laguna Beach.