Get a quick look at each of the class styles to see what fits your mood + goals.

  • Libra Full Moon Somatic Release

    Balance negative and positive energy to find a powerful flow in your body and in your life.

    Let your mind go and your body will follow.

    Release the people, places and events that no longer serve you on a physical + soul level.

  • Laguna Beach Kick Series Trailer

    The hidden beach adventures continue in Laguna Beach.

  • Palos Verdes Primal Moves Trailer

    Tap into your bodies own innate needs and desires.

    Surrender and allow kundalini shakti to awaken and flow through you.

    All you have to do is get out of your own way.

    And allow yourself to be moved.

  • Hidden Beach Adventures Trailer

    Breathwork Meditation
    HIIT Training
    AIR BAR Quickie

  • Standing Abs Trailer

    Without having to get up + down + up + down off the ground....

    I see you, I know you, I am you.

    Zero excuses, let's play!

  • Malibu Yoga Adventure - Trailer

    Bodyweight activated training meets Vinyasa Yoga flow on the beach in So Cal.

    Catch these last long summer day vibes as you activate your deep core muscles and experience the power and stability of a Yoga flow adventure.

  • Beachfront Breathwork - Trailer

    Break through heavy emotions using the power of Nature and ... your BREATH.

    Breathwork changed my life and brought me back from a dark place.

    As a personal trainer I knew how to train my body and brain... but, no one teaches us how to wor...

  • Open Yourself Yoga Trailer

    What does "Yoga" mean?

    Find out:

    Then, join me on a journey toward your inner space to discover a new perspective and a greater level of flexibility in all areas of your life.

    In this class, I'll take you beyond your physical body and show yo...

  • Unilateral Upper Body Agility - Trailer

    Take the AIR Bar apart to discover another layer to your super powers as a human being.

    Unilateral Upper Body Agility

    In today’s quickly changing environment, you need specific adaptation to be able to change direction quickly… wi...

  • Unilateral Low Body Sculpt - TRAILER

    Your hips are the epicenter for alignment physically + energetically in your body.

    And tight hips disrupt your natural movement flow + cause knee and back pain.

    So I created a quick Unilateral Low Body Sculpt to show you how simple it...

  • Dynamic Mobility Cool Down - TRAILER

    Fit-ness is the ultimate path to freedom + point of personal power.

    Click here for the full class:

    Because even when the walls are crumbling around you (they will) and you’re shook to the core…

    Your movement is your medicine and you...

  • Dynamic Mobility WARM UP - TRAILER

    Get a quick look at this Dynamic Mobility routine - connect with your joints and build foundational stability so you always feel safe.

    Follow the link to the full class:

    Discipline is how we create deep, soul level happiness.

    You may ...


    Improving "body Language" through movement maximizes your potential in every area of life simply + quickly:


    If you have 3 minutes, I’m taking you on a life shifting adventure, up for it?

    As a movement expert I’ve shared this “hack” for 2 decades with private clients + group classes and it’s always the #1 skill that changes almost every aspect of p...


    Booty, Core + Pelvic Floor

    When you’ve got problems you need solutions but, in order to get results you gotta have a trusted FORMULA.

    I’ve been using this 90-60-30 HIIT Circuit to strengthen, reshape + shred my client’s bodies for almo...

  • Pivot + Reverse Elbow TRAILER

    This week’s new class is 20 minutes + just two fierce moves… and that’s it!

    Even though this class is super simple, it’s not easy.

    I’m teaching you how to activate the deep core lines of your body which takes both your brain + body working together at the same time… some people call it coordina...

  • Spinal Chakra Activation Mini Course (TRAILER)

    Let's skip the talking and move straight to BREATHWORK.

    Activate your energy body (Nervous System) using Breath and move through + beyond painful memories/experiences and negative social interactions.

    So you have the skills/tools you need to naturally and safely, feel better fast.

    Align your e...

  • Reclaim Your Calm Trailer

  • Upper Body Flow Trailer

  • Balance, Power + Fear Alchemy TRAILER

  • Trailer Home For The Holidays - 30 Sec Workouts

  • Pivot, Shin Block TRAILER

  • Yoga Quickie Trailer

  • AIR Bar Fit Club Trailer 1