Get a quick look at each of the class styles to see what fits your mood + goals.

  • Get Ripped | ARMS Trailer

    Improve your posture instantly.

  • ABS | Get Ripped 1

    Ready to sweat?!

    It’s time to put into motion all the skills and tools you’ve mastered with the AIR BAR so far.

    Breathe deep and keep going… it packs a punch - I felt this one for days.

    Be sure to let me know how it feels for you in the comment section!

  • Recreate | Deep Core Detox 4

    It’s time to layer what you learned in classes 1-3 and put your new skills to work!

    Click below to rock the full 30 minute class:

    See you on the mat and don’t forget to leave your comment after class. I love to know how this movement tech feel...

  • Release | Deep Core Detox 3

    A sneak peak at this week’s Monday Class Drop:

    In part 3 we go even deeper to the connected core body.

    In this class you’ll practice balance + agility so you always feel ready for anything.

    When you feel good - you look good, let’s go!!

  • Reset | Deep Core Detox 1 Trailer

    Use the AIR BAR to leverage your own bodyweight as you sculpt long, lean dancer’s lines.

    25 minute tidal body workout + Breathwork activation.

  • Get Strong Circuit 2 Trailer

  • AIR BAR FIT : Dune Hotel Tulum

  • Digital Nomad Acapulco, Mexico

    No matter what happens, just NEVER GIVE UP.

    There is always a way. Thank you Baxar Hotel for giving me food, shelter and purpose at one of the lowest moments of my life.

    It was only up from here.

  • Selina Hotel Tulum, Mexico

    During the lockdown I lived and worked at Selina Hotel on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

    I'd lost my home in Malibu to a wildfire and was up to my ears in debt from a failed business and a divorce, ugh.

    This is the moment I decided to just start shooting my classes and mastering the art of technol...

  • Shakti Ignite Costa Rica

    Adventure stimulates the same body chemicals as falling in love!

    Fall in love with yourself all over again with this fun retreat recap.

    Thank you to all the amazing souls who joined us at Blue Osa on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

    Who's up for an adventure with AIR BAR FIT?

  • AIR Bar Basics 2 TRAILER

    In this class you'll practice and refine the basics of AIR BAR FIT: Mobility, Stability, Balance and Deep Core Connection.

  • Yoga Flow Adventure TRAILER

    The adventure continues with a 90-60-30 Yoga Flow from the beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

  • Jungle Gym Circuit TRAILER

    8 Moves. 3 Rounds. 24 Minutes.

    Experience the radicle results of 90-60-30 with a simple bodyweight activation circuit.

    Online Adventure Fitness $24/mo.

  • AIR BAR FIT Teacher Training

    AIR BAR FIT Teacher Training at Baxar Hotel in Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico.

  • AIR BAR FIT - Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

    Live class from Blue Osa Hotel on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica

  • Deep Core Bodyweight Training

    A bodyweight training routine to activate your deep core.

    Fast, simple, effective!

  • Inspire Greatness

    Trailer for AIR BAR FIT shot at Baxar Hotel in Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico.

  • Shakti Ignite AIR BAR FIT

    Grateful Gaby @gratefulgaby in Tulum, Mexico.

  • Booty + Legs + Balance Sculpt

    Legs + Glutes + Balance Sculpt
    Leave a comment!
    Sculpt and strengthen your low body with this balance class. Work to improve cognition and brain health while sculpting a seriously sexy backside.

  • Activate Your Core

    A standing + grounded core & abdominal workout that feels strong and supported w/ AIR BAR.

    Let’s do this!

  • Low Body Love Story TRAILER

    Grab your AIR BAR and get ready to rock this low impact, high intensity low body love story that will remind you who you really are.

    In 30 minutes experience: STRENGTH, SOMATIC RELEASE, BREATHWORK and a new way to STRETCH using the AIR BAR to...

  • Sunrise Activated Light Codes

    Experience the power of sunrise lightcodes:

  • Sculpted By AIR


    AIR BAR FIT embodies the core mission:

    Provide the support Women crave to experience intuitive, primal movement.

    It’s not about how you look- it’s bout how you feeeeel.

    Sexy’s not a size - it’s a sensation.

    Come get it.

    The ...


    Check out the full class here: