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Watch this video and more on AIR BAR FIT

Watch this video and more on AIR BAR FIT

Dynamic Mobility WARM UP

KIYA • 21m

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    An “Arc Line” is energy that extends beyond your physical body.

    People around you feel it whether you realize of not.

    That’s why wring with your energy daily is as important as brushing your teeth.

    All humans have an Arc Line over their head like a halo and Women also have one across the ches...


    Mico movements + rhythmic breath give you command of your energy + your physical body so you direct yourself wherever you want to go next. #recreateyourself

  • Pivot + Reverse Elbow

    This class is 20 minutes + just two fierce moves… and that’s it!

    But, even though this class is super simple, it’s not easy.

    That’s because I’m going to teach you how to activate the deep core lines of your body which takes both your brain + body working together at the same time… some people c...