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Watch this video and more on AIR BAR FIT

Watch this video and more on AIR BAR FIT

The Vibration of Love



  • Full Body Jungle Circuit | 90-60-30

    You got this. Come with us to the deep jungle in Tulum, Mexico.

    Work your entire body from the inside out with the famous 90-60-30 circuit.

    Leave a comment below and let me know how this felt for you!

  • Bodyweight Burn

    Come flow with Kiya through every plane of motion.

    Discover muscles you didn't know existed and shape + tone your whole body fast!

    Start now, where you are and work with what you got.

  • Beach Circuit 90-60-30

    Build strength from the inside out using my proven 90-60-30 circuit formula.

    8 moves, 3 rounds, 24 minutes total.

    You so got this!