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It's more than a stick.


 Teaching Zumba on a beach in rural Costa Rica ten years ago, I randomly discovered a killer way to help "uncoordinated" clients connect with their hips and find a natural rhythm in their body. What happened next set my creativity on fire. 


Most Women in the US don't grow up with rhythmic role models who teach us to dance.


And all these studies show how Dance is one of the most powerful + effective ways to instantly shift your emotional energy and gain control of your mental + physical wellbeing.


The AIR Bar™ is a simple, natural, effective way to maximize your movement potential + turn your body into a fat burning, energy rich, foundationally sound super vehicle for this ride through existence.


We all have a certain way that we move naturally + instinctively. I'll teach you how your body mechanics work for you, so you can create your own unique way of moving that meets your individual needs. Your body language is your energetic signature and leaves an impression on each person you meet and place you visit. 


Most problems I see are caused by dysfunctional movement patterns. The AIR Bar™ helps you gently correct muscle imbalances and get into a full body movement flow in a fun, entertaining way. Improving foundational strength + increasing range of motion naturally results in better posture. 

Improved postural alignment means better energy flow (chi) which improves fat metabolism, cellular regeneration (anti aging), sex drive, work ethic ...


Primal means natural.

Martial Arts is a science of energy dynamics and a creative expression of power vs force.


The Active Internal Resistance (AIR) Bar™ helps you create fluid connection w/ deep core muscles that move in a "line" from the soles of your feet through the tip of your tongue. You need this synergistic (cooperative) deep muscle connection to feel stable, balanced, coordinated + graceful while you move. It's also how you prevent injuries that can set you back and bum you out. 


Most of the best things in life come from Nature.


AIR Bar™ is an expression of my fascination w/ exercise science and exploration into the Natural World.


When art and science meet + make love, creativity and innovation are usually the result.


I don't think you should force yourself to do anything everyday that doesn't TURN YOU ON big time. That means your daily practice needs to be fun, effective and it absolutely has to work on a regular basis over many years to make you feel + look good.



Emotional energy can be a tricky animal to train.


Sensitivity is a super power ... and emotions can be poison w/ out tools + skills to work w/ your energy. 


 Energy work is really important for your health. Like brushing your teeth, you can work w/ your energy to get better results.


Having a fitness practice saves my life regularly so being a trainer is not my job, it's a creative passion. I'm an extremely lucky person but I have my career because I'm curious, brave + committed to a purpose.


 It doesn't mean I'm perfect - hell no, it means I'm willing to go where a lot of trainers won't and if you reach out, I'll make your results as personal as my own. 


high fives,





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daily mentorship w/ Kiya.

Meet epic Women from all walks of life.

I'll include the link to the private group in your order confirmation email. 


Every Body Needs Something.


The AIR Bar™ is a simple, natural, effective fitness tool designed to assist you in creating a body that can meet your needs + desires for the rest of your life. 


AIR Bar™ Classes aren't complicated but that doesn't mean they're super easy.  


Breath work and creative core control are game changers but it takes more focus, courage and persistence to access + activate deeper layers of the body where emotional energy is held.


 The Active Internal Resistance (AIR) Bar™ is made by a Martial Arts equipment manufacturer.


The AIR Bar™ comes apart in the center w/ a built in screw for easier transport and unilateral (one sided) class choreography. 


Before I understood how to logistically create official AIR Bars I hauled a crap ton of 4 ft wood dowels from Home Depot around the World in my snowboard bag.


I laugh til it hurts remembering tiny taxi cabs, baggage limits, crowded subways, helpful strangers and so many other hilarious + terrible adventures in AIR Bar™ History. 


Now you have a more chic + effortless way to keep your AIR Bar™ handy while you move gracefully through life.


As an explorer, I'm finding ways to move w/ my true Nature so I feel more authentically aligned with my honest emotional states. 


When your needs + desires go unmet - emotional pressure builds up through the system. 


Emotions = (E -  Motion) or Energy in Motion


AIR Bar™ Classes help you release heavy emotional tension that can cause physical + emotional discomfort.


As the AIR Bar™ experience is refined, we'll create Bars w/ other natural elements + new design ideas.


Creativity is a fluid process, I'm learning.


Your detailed feedback is always much appreciated. 


I'm on a mission to share epic group fitness energy with Women from all walks of life all over the World. 


Let know how I can help.


I live for this ish. 


That's why they call me Fire. 



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