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Watch this video and more on AIR BAR FIT

Watch this video and more on AIR BAR FIT

Postnatal Core 1

EVAN • 13m

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    Evan Lee Breed's signature program is perfect if you are embarking on the journey of pregnancy, recovering or just want expert support in building + maintaining Deep Core Strength so you're ready for anything.

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    Evan is a world c...

  • AIR Glutes

    This 22 minute Glute focused workout will activate + tone your entire body w/ celebrity trainer Evan Lee Breed.

    It's done mostly standing with an emphasis on using the lats (those big muscles in your back) for support + abdominals to work balance + stability as the Glutes are toned + lifted......

  • AIR Arms

    Grab a Yoga Mat + split AIR Bar for this 11 minute arm focused workout.

    This 11 minute Arm focused workout will be performed with a split AIR Bar + standing.

    The upper body will be activated working the muscles of the upper body - the deltoids, biceps, triceps, pecs, rhomboids, lats + muscles...