Why Join A Virtual Fitness Studio?

From here, you can go anywhere:


In 2006 I was in college, Facebook just burst on the scene and I understood that multimedia fitness was my future.


My Kundalini teacher, Guru Jagat calls this the “femme tech revolution.”


A time where women are rising and harnessing the power of technology to build businesses with passion and work from a heart centered space.


The AIR Bar Club Online Fitness Studio is built with a deep knowing that making world class movement coaching affordable to all people is my mission and my purpose.


There’s nothing like gathering with your fitness sisters to motivate each other, sweat together and bond through overcoming challenge and discovering victory.


I hear from clients and friends that being away from studio classes and beloved teachers is hard and I agree.


Virtual fitness will not take the place of cherished in person studio time.


Instead, you will discover a new way to adapt and recreate yourself through a powerful personal practice.


You will move to the deepest places within your mind, body and heart because you won’t have the distraction of community chatter, travel time, check ins, equipment setup...


Instead of working out, you will begin to explore what it feels like to work in.


You’ll be setting up a ritual space for daily practice, showing up consistently and building self respect + deep inner confidence by earning your own trust through loyalty. 


This is how you really get to know yourself and that is how you build trust + self respect.


When you first start a virtual fitness practice it’s important to manage your expectations.


Prepare for a wild adventure full of glorious new challenges and an inner journey to the center of your soul where you will get to know who you are, why you are here and how to live your best life as a sovereign bad ass babe.




Master self motivation and you will know the key to creating your own reality.


Move beyond your limiting beliefs about what it takes to feel like your ultimate self.


One breath, one class, one day at a time.


And I’m going to be here for you every step of the way.


Our online community is strong and we are here to virtually hold you up when life gets heavy + celebrate your every little victory as you evolve and grow in your practice.


Wellness is healthcare and it begins by taking command of our own bodies, our healing and our willingness to create our own well being.


Let’s start right now, right here with exactly what we’ve got.


I believe in me, in you and in us as a collective human spirit. We are strong, brave and have what it takes to create the kind of world we want to live in.


Ready to write your next chapter and craft your own, unique ending to the story?