Metabolism Boosting Breathwork (8 MIN Class)

author/source: Kiya Knight



Did you know that your first core need for survival on Planet Earth is Breathing.


That's why Breathwork Meditation is so powerful for transforming energy stuck in your body, wreaking havoc on your life through emotional addiction patterns and fear buried on cellular level. 


Breathwork Meditation will set you free if you can push past the first few moments of discomfort.


This 3 minute meditation works directly with the Thyroid Gland and a build up of energy in the throat chakra (energy center) from not being honest with yourself. 


* speaks from experience


By rocking a Breathwork Mediatation first thing in the morning you direct + command the energy in your own body + life.


THIS is the how.


How do you become a powerful creator in your own life?


Start by taking divinely guided action and hitting play on this 8 minute class.


The ripple effects will move out into your life creating magic and miracles.


We don't create or destroy energy.


We only transform our energy into something else.


Let's work with what we got right here right now, no more lame excuses. 


This class is a practice for transforming negative, heavy energetic patterns into light, agile, powerful energy patterns that create positive shift in yourself and then ripple out into the collective whole.


Big WE babe. 


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