Get Strong Circuit 3




Get Strong 3


How to work smart vs hard:


You asked, I delivered.


This week’s class is a simple HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Circuit designed to get you feeling strong, stable and supported… fast.


By focusing on your deep core muscle connection.


Work with what you got” means that you already have what you need to feel like you’re STRONG self  now.


You need to turn yourself on.


From the inside out.


Activating the muscles of your deep core body + working with your own body weight establishes powerful functional movement patterns that look and feel great.


But even more important, keep you safe and supported while you try new moves.


Volume Training is a fast way to transform your body.


By doing as much work as possible in a set period of time.


Volume training is so effective because your body is constantly in flux and your needs are always changing according to studies done on women specifically and natural law.


Which means in a 24 hour period your strength, energy and motivation can shift dramatically due to stress levels and hormonal balance.


Remember, rest is the second core human need for survival.


By tuning into your body’s true needs, meeting yourself exactly where you are and then stategically moving out of your comfort zone, you keep your body in a constant state of evolution, growth and progress.


That means you look and feel awesome, fast.


Remember, HIIT workouts are intense so they’re short and powerful, leaving you with more energy and motivation at the end of class.


So you kick ass in life.


And, it feels like a pleasure to return for more.


Movement is medicine.


Another reason this class packs a transformational super punch is that these movements are designed and taught in all 3 planes of motion: side, twisting and front.


That means you are never crippled and out of physical balance from working one area of your body at a time.


Instead, all muscles are worked evenly with an equal number of push and pull exercises.


So you build a balanced, easy, fun strength that is a joy to maintain because it’s so simple.


And way less painful than most high intensity workouts.


You do need to overload your body to see results.


But a little goes a long way and your body is fragile in as many ways as it’s strong so respect your body and treat your life like a marathon, not a sprint.


Most women I know are hard workers so they work too hard and burn out + get injured.


Or, never get started because the thought of climbing this mountain feels too painful and overwhelming, I get that!


Strength is more about connection to your body and the ability to control yourself consciously.


The stronger you are in your body, the stronger you are in life.


But, what exactly do I mean by your “body?”


In Yoga we study the 10 Body System which expands beyond the physical.


That’s why I’m teaching you how to work with your mind and your energy to become a powerful healer and creator in your own life.


You are a multidimensional being.


You need more than a physical body workout to maintain your well being over time.


The number one question I’m asked is “what’s next?”


This is it: a simple, powerful, smart style of training which incorporates: energy work, breathing techniques, postural alignment hacks and natural law beyond physical anatomy and physiology.


When your workout is designed by an expert with years of experience transforming bodies, your results last.


This class is free for a week so don’t wait, rock it now and feel the difference in energy, connection and lust for life in your body.


Then leave me a comment in our private Facebook group and let me know exactly how you experienced this modern movement technology.


I’m looking forward to supporting you on your journey of transformation.